IN CONVERSATION WITH THE AUTHOR – take advantage of this special opportunity to spend time in conversation with Peter Benn in person at his office in Melbourne, Australia – or live online. Men who are considering sexual activity with other men but have no close friend to talk with, will benefit the most from connecting to Peter. He’s happy to share the experiences gained in his own life journey from heterosexual family man, to bisexual swinger to his current long-term open gay partnership. He’s seen and lived a lot of what sexually restless ‘straight’ men dream about in regards to same-sex attraction. His sex-education book The Versatile Husband (Amazon – paperback or ebook or on this site) is the result of the things he had to learn the hard way. (Note that it’s not necessary to have read the book before having your conversation). By the end of the friendly conversation (up to an hour) it’s expected that you should leave the discussion with a feeling of more confidence and knowledge about the gay sexual world. It’s a free-flowing masculine conversation where two like-minded men can share confidences, have a laugh or two, consider awkward questions and come to appreciate that they are part of a much wider community of same-sex attracted men that exists worldwide.

Warning: Expect sexually explicit language to be used.

Declaration: In order to satisfy local Australian laws, it is hereby stated that with this meet-and-greet opportunity that Peter Benn is not offering professional medical or counselling advice nor offering physical sexual activity. The client is paying to only have a conversation on subjects of mutual interest and where experiences and questions are discussed, queried, debated and shared. A signed declaration to this effect by the client is mandatory at the beginning of any said conversation whether in person or by other means.

Costs (in Australian Dollars. GST is an Australian sales tax)

In-Person Conversation:

Weekdays: $120.00, weekends, public holidays $150.00 (includes GST and free paperback copy of The Versatile Husband)

Email or SMS Text Conversation:

Up to 60 minutes in one sitting – $120.00 weekdays, $150.00 weekends/public holidays (includes GST)

Facetime Conversation: (for iPhone/Mac users)

Skype Conversation: (for anyone connected to the service)

Up to 60 minutes in one sitting – $120.00 weekdays, $150.00 weekends/public holidays (includes GST)

Location: Queens Road, Melbourne, Australia

Payment: Visa or Mastercard details to confirm a booking (Billing name: Argosy Films Pty Ltd or Children’s Video Centre). Direct debit to bank account 3 days before the appointment. Cash on the day.

Make an Appointment Now:

Include details of appointment time(s) that would be ideal for you, and the best ways and times for Peter to confirm details with you. Also which conversation preference suits you best and your preferred payment method. His reply will include all pertinent details to your specific requirements.

Peter is aware how important privacy, discretion and timing are to make this opportunity beneficial to you. He knows that windows of opportunity to converse can be rare and unreliable, but also appreciates that a face-to-face discussion with an experienced like-mind man is too good an opportunity to miss out on. As he has often said, “I wish that I’d had a knowledgeable friend to talk to when my mind was going through all its crazy same-sex attraction thinking.” Remember when suggesting a booking time that Peter operates in Southern Hemisphere summer on Australian Eastern Summer Time and in winter, on Australian Eastern Time.

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