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Author, Peter Benn believes in a peaceful and a loving world: a world where not only all living things co-exist in harmony and respect for one another but there is also respect for the fragile beauty and limited resources of this magnificent earth.

He writes so that we can see and appreciate the world through another’s eyes.

He writes to excite imaginations, to share knowledge and to present new and loving possibilities.

He’s a mature age man who sees the world through experienced and spiritual eyes.

His affirmation is that his books will make a difference for the better.

Peter lives and writes in Australia, but enjoys traveling both for research and for pleasure.

After a long career exhibiting and distributing cinema movies, VHS and DVD titles he is also researching a proposed television documentary about the amazing influence that the almost forgotten 1962 children’s film THEY FOUND A CAVE had on the Australian film industry. Click on the heading to discover more.

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Peter Benn’s other publications. (Click on title at top of this page to get more details)

Each includes a paperback edition that is available from, other online bookstores as well as at your local bricks and mortar bookstore.

All have e-book editions which are currently exclusive to

EVERY DAY IS YOUR BEST DAY: Expect Nothing Less Than Wonderful!

– Discover how you can make your life happier, more relaxed and abundant just by changing the way you think.

CRUISE EXCURSIONS: Plan Your Best Ever European or Baltic Cruise
– A practical book for planning your cruise to these exciting destinations. Includes an invaluable checklist of what to take with you to make your shore excursions happy and stress-free

TALES FROM THE FUR SIDE: Purrfectly Adorable Cat Stories
– Discover the secret lives of cats through a range of delicious short stories about what they get up to beyond the prying eyes of humans

– Answers all the questions a man might ask about same-sex attraction.
“A straightforward, practical guide for men in heterosexual relationships who’d like to explore sex with other men. Frank, honest and understanding.” Kirkus Reviews